Michael A. Hawker, a.k.a. XAML Llama, is a Senior Software Engineer for the Partner, Analytics, and essential eXperiences (PAX) team at Microsoft. PAX focuses on driving the ISV ecosystem through technical engagement with partners and industry as well as providing essential first party experiences. Michael is the maintainer of the Windows Community Toolkit and prior “App Ninja”.  Previously he’s worked on Windows Protocols, Message Analyzer, and Network Monitor. He is also the creator of XAML Studio, a Microsoft Garage project.

My stream is a fun place where we build cool things that other developers can use! We play Bingo (a.k.a. Llamingo) and sometimes get side-tracked talking about topics related to the development process. Beyond development, I also stream parts of the software engineering process like Pull Request Reviews.

My stream is not the property of my employer, even though I stream a lot about the Windows Community Toolkit which is the focus of my day job.

In my spare time, I love games and game development! I hope to maybe stream some game playing on the channel at times on Weekends or evenings.


  • C#
  • XAML
  • UWP


  • Tuesdays 1PM - 3PM PT
  • Thursdays 10AM - 12PM PT
  • Fridays 1PM - 3PM PT