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Mission Statement

The Live Coders Team's purpose is to support Coders/Developers/Technologists who are also Content Creators. We provide a positive and encouraging environment for team members to grow professionally and personally.

We encourage innovation and creativity for all team members through discussions and collaborations between team members. We foster a learning environment by providing valuable feedback on content creation, technical writing and presentations. We welcome team members from any background and all walks of life, regardless of gender/sexual orientation, location, or education level.

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Why join the Live Coders?

Collaborate with other thought leaders in your industry

The Live Coders consists of many experienced and accomplished members with diverse backgrounds, such as Design, Front-End, Back-End, Stream Technologies and more!

Team support with event promotions and raids

The Live Coders are proud to promote each other. We utilize Discord and other social media to support each other and promote various events which benefit members.

Access to other professionals for technical guidance

We are so diverse in backgrounds, that nearly any technical question you have will receive an answer in our very active Discord server. We have channels for tech-help, project feedback, discussions, and more!

Invites to beta testing of features/software

Our members are always working on new projects, features, games, and more. When they need beta testers, they prefer to start within the team. This enables you to beta test various products/projects and offer valuable feedback!

Updates on team events (conferences, booths, etc)

We love putting on events, meeting up and discussing all things streaming and technology related! We make sure to keep our team members updated with the latest developments and build a welcoming environment.

Logos, swag, & branding resources

We love showing off our awesome team. You will have access to branding resources such as logos, panels, wallpapers and more! Furthermore, we spoil our members with various swag items, such as our yearly jerseys (pictured above)!

Our Sponsors

FaunaDB: The database built for serverless, featuring native GraphQL

Manning Publications: independent publisher of computer books and video courses for software developers, engineers, architects, system administrators, managers and all who are professionally involved with the computer business.