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Code of Conduct

Version 1.4 - February 2020


To report a violation, please reach out here.(Report Violation)
  • Be kind and welcoming to new viewers in your stream, other viewers in streams you watch, and new members to the Live Coders team
  • Please ensure that you do not break Twitch Terms of Service (ToS) while being a part of the Live Coders team. You can read details about the ToS here:
  • If you are unsure whether your behavior would be frowned upon or in violation of the Code of Conduct, or Twitch ToS, don't do it.


  • Our reputation as a positive, engaging, and helpful team is our most valuable asset. It is up to each of us to make sure we continually work to maintain that reputation. All of our actions, with each other, and while we represent our team in other environments should increase our reputation.

Drugs and Alcohol

  • If you are of legal age to consume alcohol where you reside, feel free to drink alcohol, but please use good judgement and never drink in a way that leads to inappropriate behavior, endangers your life or the safety of others, violates the Live Coders Code of Conduct, violates ToS, or the law.
  • Even if you reside in a state/country with legal marijuana, please refrain from smoking on camera.
  • Illegal drug use on stream and at Live Coders events are strictly prohibited.


  • We love suggestions and feedback! If you want to provide feedback (positively or negatively) about our Discord or the team in general, please contact our Community Manager LilyHazel.
  • We will do our best to address concerns, sugestions, and feedback in a timely manner.

Twitch ToS


  • Support each other!! Members are expected to create a culture that is free of harassment, intimidation, bias and discrimination.
  • The Live Coders team prohibits any form of discrimination, harassment, and bullying - verbal, physical, or visual. If you feel that you have been bullied or harassed by anyone on the Live Coders team, immediately reach out to Community Manager LilyHazel with as much information as possible.
  • Members who report a harassment or bullying incident will NOT face retaliation from the Live Coders team.
  • If a member is found to engage in harassing, bullying or discriminatory behavior, they will be put on a 30 day mute for the first offense (unless this is a severe incident, for which they may be banned). Meaning they will remain in the Discord, but won't be able to chat in any of the channels. After this period they will be unmuted, and can fully engage in the Discord once more.
  • Depending on the severity of the 2nd incident, the member may be removed from the Discord for a 30 day period and re-invited after, OR, if the incident was severe enough, the member will be removed from the team AND prohibited from re-applying.


  • Arguments will happen, people disagree, it's normal. However, if an argument escalates to a point of creating actual conflict, LilyHazel will act as mediator.
  • If you feel someone crossed a line, made you feel uncomfortable, or you need any other form of conflict mediation, please reach out to Community Manager LilyHazel with as much detail as you can provide.
  • There will be NO retaliation against a member making a report.
  • If your conflict happens to be with our Community Manager LilyHazel or you don't feel comfortable reaching out to her, please direct your report to CSharpFritz.

Appealing Dismissals/Bans from the Live Coders team

  • If you have received a mute, dismissal or ban from the team, and feel there has been a mistake, you may reach out to Community Manager LilyHazel or team founder CsharpFritz via Discord DM to request a dismissal/ban review.

Note about this Document

  • This Code of Conduct is a dynamic document and may be updated at any time. When revisions are made, the newest version will be published via The Live Coders Discord. If you have any questions, suggestions, etc. please reach out to Community Manager LilyHazel.
To report a violation, please reach out here.(Report Violation)