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About the Live Coders

We're a stream team of Live Coders who broadcast development-based edutainment on Twitch

Who Are We?

We are a group of technologists who are also broadcasters. We write code and make things while teaching viewers on Twitch. We believe that live video is an amazing opportunity to teach, and want to share our expertise

You can find the team's page on Twitch at:

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some of the Live Coders

Qualifications to be a member

We want to ensure that broadcasters on the team are makers who have made a commitment to broadcast on the Twitch platform with a positive and welcoming atmosphere. Members and prospective members:

Be a Twitch Affiliate or Partner

While Affiliate may seem daunting, we believe in you and are looking forward to welcoming you to the team soon!

During broadcasts, politely answer questions from viewers

We value education and continuous learning/improvement. We love members who answer questions their viewers have, explain their projects and even help their community members succeed.

Promote a positive, inclusive, and welcoming chat room

Viewer interaction and community building is one of our core drives for doing what we do. With that, we make sure that any potential members put their community first! If you provide a welcoming, educational and even fun environment for your viewers, you are sure to be a great fit!

Are a person, not a brand or company account

We are a team of individuals, and while some of us work for big companies and brands, we still represent ourselves. We value the same for new members.

Regularly write code or make things with technology

While we love content such as gaming, just chatting and others, our primary focus is development. With that, we value members who regularly develop projects (games, websites, apps) or combine hardware with technology.

Once you have submitted your application, The Live Coders team members will thoroughly review your application. Including your Twitch channel and other social media, before deciding whether to approve the application. Good luck!