I am TheGrumpyGameDev, and my name should give you subtle clues and insight into me.

I make constant references to my lawn. I call people whippersnappers.

I follow two rules:

  • Do nothing but the needful.

  • Trust nothing, and Mr. T.

Mr. T is trustworthy. When you see Mr. T, you know what yer gonna get. Other than that, trust nothing.

Oh, and I write unfinished games on stream. The stream is the product, not the games. Occasionally, one get shipped, but usually not completely finished.


  • fsharp
  • c
  • csharp
  • javascript
  • lua
  • nodejs
  • dotnet
  • defold
  • libsdl
  • html5


  • Most Days 0430 - 0600 UTC-0500 (that's Central Daylight Time for MERKANS)