Hi, I'm Sorskoot. I love coding ( mainly JavaScript or C#) and create awesome things. I can't stop talking about it and inspiring others.

On the streams we write code and work on games using WebXR and Web Audio or for the Microsoft HoloLens.

Join and learn with us!

Personal Bio

I've been developing software for over 25 years. I started around age 12 and never stopped. I work as a mixed reality developer building apps for first aid and CPR training. In my free time I build mostly VR or MR games with JavaScript or C#. In the past I worked as a 3D artist and as a developer at various organisations. I often develop in Visual Studio (Code) and Unity3D, but I know my way around graphic tools as well. I run a local meetup around WebXR in the Netherlands. And I've been awarded Microsoft MVP.


The name Sorskoot was a nickname given by some fellow coders many years ago. When pronounced in Dutch it sounds similar to source code.


GIT d->--- s:+ a C+++ UL- P--? L !E W+++ !N !o K--? w++++ !O !M !V PS++(+++) PE- Y++ PGP+ t+>+++ 5->++ X++ R tv? b DI+ D+++ G++>++++ e++ h r+++ y+++


  • JavaScript
  • WebXR
  • Mixed Reality
  • WebAudio
  • HoloLens
  • Unity3D
  • GameDev


  • Mondays at 9pm CET
  • Thursdays at 9pm CET