Hello, I'm LuckyNoS7evin a.k.a Andy Morrell in the real. From starting development at the age of 8 and now 16+ years as a professional I've always been a tech head. It started when my uncle, also a developer, turned up for Christmas in his TVR Griffith at the same time as receiving a ZX Spectrum as a present.

After finishing formal education, I've since been a developer mainly in the .Net arena. I'm not just that however, I also know Javascript and other languages to a good degree of expertise and specialise in Cloud Architecture using mainly Azure and AWS as Cloud Service Providers.

This year, I was given a Microsoft MVP Award in Developer Technologies 2020/21, in recognition of his work in the development community.

So what interests Andy?

I've been a broadcaster for heading towards 4 years now, however, I'm also interested in cycling, Formula 1 and American Football.

What I'm doing?

This year has been a massive change in my life. I quit full-time employment to run my on company Slevinth Heaven Ltd in which my first major client was Twitch. We created and expanded and developed 3 proof of concept projects.

During the 6 months I was working with Twitch, I spent some time helping The Live Coders put together two conferences and help run a third. A few blog posts and speaking engagements at online meetups and spending time with family in these uncertain times has made for an interesting 2020.

I have recently started the development of a new .Net SDK for telemetry data from racing games, for example F1 2020, GRID, Dirt Rally, iRacing and more. This is an open source project and although early days can be found at S7evemetry.

In the near future at time of writing, we are going to be working with Twitch for a second time on further projects and adding features to

Latest Work


  • C#
  • Vue.js
  • Twitch Dev
  • Discord Dev
  • Azure
  • AWS
  • Architecture


  • Sundays 9pm - 12AM BST/GMT
  • Wednesdays 9pm - 12AM BST/GMT
  • Thursdays 9pm - 12AM BST/GMT