Hi, I'm Dave!

I work on the .NET Project System team at Microsoft trying to make Visual Studio just a little bit better for .NET developers everywhere. If you haven't yet, maybe you should upgrade to SDK-style projects?

On my stream I'm working on re-creating a game I worked on with some friends a few years ago. It's a 2D train simulation "game" that was originally written in TypeScript (you can play that version online), but I'm rewriting it in C#, using .NET and SkiaSharp for the rendering. It is entirely procedural and not using any game engine because I quite like doing things the hard way. That's where the fun is after all.

In the past I was a frequent speaker at meetups and conferences talking about .NET and C# (some of which have been recorded and are available on YouTube) but the thing I liked most about doing that was the conversations and questions after the talks have finished, so please come along and hang out every Wednesday night, Australian Eastern Time, and we can chat. I'm more than happy to be distracted :)

I upload all of my streams to YouTube so you can catch up on past happenings here: https://bit.ly/trains-net-videos.


  • C#
  • .NET
  • .NET Core
  • Visual Studio
  • Comet
  • Blazor
  • SkiaSharp


  • Wednesday; 8:30pm Australian Eastern Time